My Christian Story

Help and about us



We are here for you and we can help you doesn’t matter with what!


What is this site all about?

  This site if where you can apologize to God at your own will and we are helping you by giving you a prayer where you can come pray with us!
There is four video’s on the website where you can listen and pray with or just listen to God’s word!


Why did we start this page?

  Well just to tell you in a fast little story, there happened some things to me where I didn’t have Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior in my life! People did some anti-Christ things on me without knowing of it. After a year I founded myself in the hospital after trying to commit suicide! I did except The Lord in my heart after that and He told me to glorify his name up to my highest! I listened to Him and started by creating my own website for Him!


Is there any special features on this page?

  Yes there is one at the tab but as you are reading this I am tying to sell my dvd on this website where we I teach and tell you even more about Jesus!


I have a prayer request

  You are more than welcome to send me an E-mail with your request in the e-mail I shall see to it to pray for you and God shall answer your request for you, or if you want more people to pray for you I can make your request one of the main prayer requests at my church! But you must Listen to God and have just a little faith in your heart!


I have questions

  Send me an E-mail and I will answer your question as good and fast as possible.

Why is there adds on the site?

We at My Christian Story is a free organization and with every click or sold item we get a few "bucks" to spend, but we dont want money so for every click or paid item we will make a donation to the Christian organization to give free gifts and products! So keep on clicking and buying from these adds and you will be able to get FREE gifts and products - please support us with the word of God!

With each click on the adds we will make a donation to the organization of Christians - please support and get involved.