My Christian Story

Lord I am sorry

Why does the human kind always make up stories and lie to get them self out of trouble?
Why can’t they just say I’m sorry? But also why don’t they just accept the apology and say it is ok, I still love you? Life is cruel hey?  Why does the human kind always say that life's a bitch? Does Christians say this? Yes they do but why? If God created this world then why is it a bitch?

Don’t you know that God is in this world Just as much as He is in me and you?
So if you say life's a bitch do you know that you are actually saying that God is a Bitch?
As far as my knowledge goes that is horrible to say to someone and especially to someone who created you! Still you don’t believe me and you carry on saying life's a bitch!
Why do we swear in the mothers name or in the holy mothers name even when we know that the Holy Mother is Jesus’ mom but we still do it?

Don’t you realize that it’s wrong? God will forgive you but you will be punished when ever and then ye go back to God and ask Him why did You do this to me? Why do people always have to use Gods name in vain? Do they even realize what they are doing?
Didn’t they ever read revelation where God has told us that we shall never enter the Kingdom of Heaven if we use his name in vain? Are they getting pleasure out of this or is it just because they want to express them self's even more?

Lets say this is the case… why don’t they say sorry or get a easier or even more acceptable way to express them self's?  Ok now people say I know what I am doing is wrong but then they go and spin a sop story to me and even to God! Do you really think He will believe you when you lie?
He knows that you were going to betray Him and what type of story you are going to tell Him before you have ever read this letter! Jesus told His disciples just before he went for the Crucifixion that one of His disciples is going to betray Him long before this were actually going to happen!

Get yourself together and go up to God and tell Him that you are sorry and that He must help you to turn against this wicked ways of yours! God will always forgive you but be ready that you will be punished sooner or later and that you won’t be able to stop Him!
So now the question awaits and is: then why should I ask for forgiveness if He is only going to punish me?

The answer to that is my dear friend he who ever doesn’t ask for forgiveness will most likely  be filled with evil spirits or some sort! So just go out now and ask for it before you die and go straight to hell!

The choice is yours!
Ask for forgiveness or go to hell!
Which one is it going to be?


If you have chosen to ask for forgiveness pray this prayer!

Lord, I confess that I have sinned and that I will sin again in the future for Ye has told us we will sin.
But Lord im asking for Your forgiveness today and asking to fill me with the Holy Spirit and so save me from the wicked ways for I don’t want to be part of that anymore! Lord, I am kneeling in front of You now asking for forgiveness not cause I deserve it but only for You mercy Ye has upon us Lord!
I am praying and saying this in Your name and Your name alone Jesus
Now that ye are free from the evil spirits and that you want to live on the path of Jesus Christ you may join you family!
For all Christians are family but not blood related but we are one true happy family and if ye like it or not ye shall love us and we shall love thee.

my own personal prayer for thee!

Lord God Almighty, I come in Your name today were I am humbling You Lord!
Here where I sit I’m asking to forgive all our sins we have ever committed even when we have asked for forgiveness before! Lord I’m praying and asking if You may keep us save please Lord! I am asking if Ye can put on my armor of protection and to help me be save Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit I’m asking if You can come live in me and to fill my heart and soul! Please! God  You are so Almighty when I come to pray in Your name I don’t have words! I am empty with no words in my mouth Lord!
Lord thank You! Thank You o so much in Jesus’, God’s and the Holy Spirits name



Thank you, for reading this letter God told me to write! God bless us all

Written by -- Cabous Booysen